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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dillema of a Working Mom

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When I gave birth to my child, I have always wanted to breastfeed her. I mean, I want to exclusively breastfeed her without using infant formula because I have read somewhere that " a mom's milk is for her child while a cow's milk is for the calf". This statement somehow struck me and I said to myself that I should breastfeed my child no matter what. But the problem comes in when my baby was already two months old because it is already my time to resume to work after my 2-month maternity leave.

So I bought a pump, a rubberized manual breast pump but I cant keep the expressed milk and bring it home for my child's feeding because i see particles of rubber and I'm afraid it's mixed with the milk.

Then, my child had constipation and my daughter's pediatrician would tell me that if only she is fully breastfed, we would have no problems with her poop. Whew! this somehow made me feel guilty. If only I can stay home all day and just take care of my baby and fully breastfeed her! But I can't. I need to work to meet both ends!

Then the pediatrician suggested that I would use an electric pump because it's easier and faster to express milk using it. So, off me and hubby went to the department store and look for an electric breast pump. Though it is a little pricey, we just bought it for the sake of our baby. Truly it works! It pumps like a baby sucking on my breast. It mimics the way a baby sucks in her mothers breast so it worked. I would just store the expressed milk in a refrigerator and when I go home, I brought with me a cooler so it stays cool even when I'm traveling.
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