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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday To Me
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My birthday is fast approaching. It will be on the 15th of September. A lot of my friends have already greeted me in advance and would joked me that I would treat them.hehe. Oh by the way, thanks to Leone who is the first one to greet me on Friendster. Yeah, I'll be a year older again but I always felt younger.haha. Age is indeed only in numbers! Seriously, I have important wishes on my birthday.

Primary Wishes:

1. Good health. Good health. Good health. - especially for my beloved daughter Keona. My wish is for her to outgrow her reflux and that she'll always stay healthy. And of course, for the whole family to stay healthy as well - health in all its facets-->physical, mental, emotional.

2. Financial Freedom or shall I say Financial Independence - what I mean here is that I wish to have financial freedom so that I don't need to work for money. Instead, I want money to work for me. I want to have enough passive income so that I can spend my time the way I want to spend it. Like, if my daughter is sick, I can attend to her full-time without worrying of filing a leave, calling my boss that I can't report for work or the ramblings of my boss that I'm often absent! Yeah, presently, I'm a slave of the corporate world, trapped in a rat race and my wish is to be free.

3. Peace of mind and good relationship - not that I don't have peace of mind and in a bad relationship, but I often wish and pray that I always have enough strength to hurdle the trials that come my way. That I'll be able to maintain good relationship to all the people around me.

Secondary Wishes:

1. Laptop - for my blogging needs.

2.My own net connection - still for my blogging needs. There's a net connection at home but it's often used by my brother playing online games.

3.Renovation / Improvement of our own house - I want some improvements of our house - terrace and kitchen.

3. Shoes - I want a new shoes. I tend to be Imeldefic at times.LOL

I think that's all are my wishes and hope they can come true.

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  1. Hi Sam, how are u? I might as well, greet you a happy birthday, basin by that time I am already miserable at the hospital. I wish that God will grant all your wishes, it may not be asap but in his time. I know he will grant whatever our heart desires because God is good. Take care!

  2. Hello Star! Im OK, thanks for visiting here. Goodluck on your delivery. I know you can do it. Just pray to God also. I have seen your baby shower photos and they are really nice and it seems that u guys are really having fun. Take good care.

  3. Thanks Lady Little Cakes! I have visited your blog and your tips on making cakes are really useful.

  4. Hello Mhar's! Thanks for the greetings! I have visited your site. It's very nice. I like the layout also (Mhar's display).TAke care and God bless!


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