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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy birthday pappa!

Today is hubby's birthday. Momma have made already her fruit salad and we'll just gonna order foods for dinner later to have a simple birthday celebration. Here are the things I love about Pappa.

  • He's patient. He is very patient about me, especially when I'm not in the mood.LOL
  • He gives in right away with my requests, may it be request to buy forgotten grocery items, anything...
  • He wakes up to change Keona's diapers during the night
  • He loves to eat - and that makes me eat a lot too. Why I liked it? Because I'm striving to gain some more weight.hehe. But Pappa, you should not eat too much, Okay? LOL

Happy birthday pappa and I love you very much! I may not be very expressive....and sorry for my tantrums sometimes...LOL. I'll strive to be the best...

P.S. I have a gift for you...surprise! I'll just give it to you when I get home.
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