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Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Payday

Yeheeyyy! It's payday today. Time to pay the bills and do some groceries. Due to the high prices of commodities these days, I see to it that I have a list on what I have to buy whenever I go to the mall. I only buy what I needed and just save on for the things that I want but not really my priorities. What's on my list? Here it is...

  • Nan HW 3 milk for Keona
  • Cetaphil Shampoo - for Keona
  • Bath Soap - any brand with a low price as long as it smells good.hehe
  • Biscuits - for Keona, me and hubby. We used to buy junk foods but when me and hubby heard (from Keona's nephrologist - kidney disease specialist) about how pricey it is to have a kidney transplant, we told each other to really take care of our "filters". So no more junkfoods and too salty foods.
  • Shampoo - hubby wants Gard because of some flakes.
  • Pork - ribs and tenderloin, veggies, spices, condiments
  • Fruits
  • Aqua soft solution - for my contact lens
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