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Monday, October 11, 2010

Social Little Fellow

Little Keona has grown from a shy timid baby into a very sociable toddler. When somebody gets her before, she would right away cling to me and hug me tight, refusing to go to someone whom she considers a stranger. She even doesn't like to be carried by her godmother or godfather who happen to be my office mates as well.

But nowadays, she is really sociable. She says "hi" and "hellos" to anybody she meets - to the saleslady in the mall, to the teller in the bank, to the queuing students in the restaurant, to the security guards in any establishment she's at. She says hi and waves goodbye. Yes, I'm glad that as young as she is, she can already express what she wants and does not mind meeting and mingling with people, old and young alike. Have a great day friends!
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