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Monday, July 18, 2011

Fever and Cough

We were very happy playing with the shower last Saturday night. Keona was full of vigor playing with the water. When we were already settled and were about to sleep, I noticed that Keona's body temperature is unusually high. I got the thermometer and checked her body temp and indeed, I was right with my suspicion. She's having a mild fever, 37.5 degree celscius.

She was having cough as well which I suspect could be the cause of her mild fever. We brought her to Doctor Mike's clinic yesterday and she was in the mood. She said 'hi" to Doc Mike and she's very well behaved when her doctor checked her physically. She even played the toys in doc Mike's clinic.

Doc Mike prescribed her an antibiotic because she's having a lot of phlegm. I bought (Amoclav)-Co-amoxiclav and has to be taken 2x/day with a dosage of 3.5 ml. We have to let her take also Bricanyl expectorant with the dosage 3.5 ml, 3x a day. If there's fever, we just let her take Tempra paracetamol drops, 1.5 ml, every four hours.

I think the erratic weather and her being a late sleeper are the cause of these. I myself is having cough but not that really severe. I'm just taking Ascof (Lagundi) medicine so that I'll be cured. I hope everything will turn back to normal soon and my little girl will recover from her cough because she's having a hard time sleeping during the night.

That's all for now. Have a great day friends:).
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