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Friday, July 8, 2011

Really Busy

I am really busy this past few days. I seldom have the time to blog and I dislike it. I miss visiting my fave blogs in the blogosphere. My time is occupied with work, taking care of my little sweetheart, schooling and a lot of reports and researches to do.

It's hard to go back to school when you are already getting old like me:).LOLz. But really, no pain, no gain. No guts, no glory. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish graduate school which is what I'm aiming now.

By the way, many thanks to my top EC droppers for the month of June. The numbers of drops are really huge and I'm impressed and at the same time humbled by it. I decided to change my linky love for my top droppers. To increase visibility and exposure, I place the links on my sidebar. Thanks once again and happy blogging:).


  1. Doesn't life get crazy busy sometimes! Concentrate on Keona and your studies. We all understand. If you can let us know every once in awhile how things are going. Have a good weekend.

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