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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On New PR and St. Peter Feast

Yesterday, I was surprised that the green color of the PR add-on for my Mozilla Firefox is just small. I wondered if it was real so I refreshed the page of my travel blog Davao Delights but it is still PR 2. I checked on pr checker and it has indeed gone down from PR 3 to PR2. I then checked my other blogs and this blog has also gone down from PR4 to PR2. All of my blogs' page rank have gone down. A little sad but not really so much of a big deal:).

On another note, today is a non-working holiday for us in our company in connection with the celebration of the Saint Peter Feast. Hooray for that:). I have so many tasks in a row, process my papers and go to PRC for my professional license. Go the the laboratory and submit urine sample for Keona's urine CS. Do some groceries and buy Keona's milk and some of our personal needs.

Alright, need to go and be on the road for my tasks. Have a great day friends:).
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1 comment:

  1. Always good to have a day off. As for page rank, one of mine went down and the one I didn't expect went it. Go Figure.


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