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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Feeding Utensils and Gifts

When our little sweetheart started to eat, we were really very happy and excited to feed her. The joy of seeing that cute little mouth open up and take a bite of food brings us immense joy. Yes, as parents see a milestone in their baby's lives, it feels like an achievement in every stage of development that every child has to go through. It's calls for a celebration of some sorts and we parents don't wanna miss it and will always want to cherish it forever.

First thing that we wanna provide for our child when she started eating solid foods are the utensils. We want them in high quality and fitted for our baby. Me and hubby right away started looking for baby utensils when our little Keona started eating. We looked for something beautiful and interesting to look at for our baby. We also wanted it colorful and have a fun shape that would entice our baby to eat well because we want to develop good eating habits for our baby and I have read somewhere that the best time to train a baby to eat properly is when he/she is young and just starting to eat. My MIL told us that sterling silver baby cups and sterling silver baby spoons are very good baby utensils. I, myself prefers something silver rather that baby utensils made from plastic.

Meeting with my college friends who are now also mothers make me also learn a lot of things. When we meet each other, we always talk about our baby's developments and their '"talents" since our babies are just two months apart. My best friend Marianne has just recently given a birthday party for her eldest Rhionne's 3rd birthday and the Christening for her second child Rhys. It's in that party that we meet with Pinky, another classmate way back in college. Her child will be celebrating her birthday as well in two months time. I have been thinking of what gift I will give for her little darling. Browsing for gifts online makes it easier. Sterling silver baby gifts would be perfect for Pinky's daughter.
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