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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Financial Planning and Investing

When I was younger, I never think about saving or investing. I right away landed a job when I graduated college and all my salary goes to escapades, gimmicks, disco, eating out and bonding with friends. I was having a good time as a yuppie.

When I got married, everything changed. I have to budget to meet everything my family needs. All my expenses for the whole month are listed down and I see to it that I still have money until the next payday. I become very interested with financial literacy that I read every book I encounter about finances, financial planning and financial freedom. I have been reading a lot about online investing. I'm also trying to learn the ropes of online stock trading although I don't invest on it yet because I still feel I don't have adequate knowledge dealing with that kind of thing. I'm happy that we are about to get finished paying off our debt which I think is very necessary so we can concentrate on growing our savings and we can invest our money.
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