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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Love Balloon!

Keona loves balloons very much. Whenever we'll go to a party and there are balloons, we always ask for one to bring home. When we were strolling at the newly opened Abreeza mall, there are lots of balloons and she had fun playing and touching them.

Have a nice day folks:).
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  1. I can't believe how big she has gotten. Seems like just yesterday she was that little girl on your badge.Now she is a grown up little Princess. And of course she likes the Balloons. My granddaughter loves them also.Have a wonderful weekend and give Keona a hug for me.

  2. Yes Russ, my little girl has grown so fast and it's just like yesterday I gave birth to her,LOLz. Few years from now, she'll grow up into a fine lady.hehehee


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