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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Sunday

It's a beautiful Sunday and I love Sundays. I just stayed home in the morning cleaning and playing with little girl Keona. In the afternoon, Keona did not sleep so we went to the church to attend mass at 4 pm. Keona can't really stay put inside the church. She plays in the kneeler and she plays MIL's bracelets.

I can't let her be with hubby for a long time because she might get the colds that hubby has. The best part when going to a Sunday afternoon mass is the snack.LOLz. We had our snacks again at Jollibee and little Keona did not even tasted the hamburger bought for her because she prefers her fave French fries.

Have a great weekend friends.
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  1. That is it Sam. I know I have to go with you now. I'll eat the hamburger and the french fries. I think Keona and I would get along well.

  2. Nice Sunday for you.. just the same here. I also enjoy my Sunday...

  3. @ Russ, yes. I love French fries too. No wonder,like daughter.hahaha

    @ Ladyguinevere. Thanks for the comment and visit.Yes, Sundays are always fun:)


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