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Monday, May 2, 2011

Keona's Rashes are Gone

I'm happy that after a long while, Keona's rashes are altogether gone.  We went back to her pediatrician the other week for she was having colds and her rashes was not yet cured.  We found out later that grandpa gave her an ice cream cone coated with chocolates and that was the culprit of her rashes.

Dr. Mike gave us a presciption of Desowen Lotion.  We bought it and it's a little pricey.  We applied the lotion on her rashes and thankfully, it works, plus of course, not eating foods that Dr. Mike prohibited her.

That's it for now friends.  Have a nice day everyone:).
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  1. Well I am glad Keonas rash has cleared up. I hope Grampy wasn't aware of the chocolate problem.Have a good day.

  2. Yes, grampy can't remember all the restricted foods for Keona. Have a good day too Russ. Thanks for always visiting and commenting:)


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