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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sports Wear for my Baby Girl

Hubby is a sports fanatic, and he basically loves basketball and would always watch every game that is televised on the cable. Since its the month of April he's almost always glued to the TV for the NBA playoff. He also likes wearing some of his favorite teams jersey and even teams that are not his favorite. Sometime hubby and Keona would tussle for the remote control because Keona wants to watch Nickelodeon. In the end though Keona always win in this battle hahaha.

But now he has another sports that is beginning to catch his interest, and that is American football, I think he just got interested in this sport because he likes watching the anime series Eyeshield 21, and to top all of this, he found a shop online for baby that offers sports clothing. Just for the fun of it, he wants to buy Keona one and said she will be a Steelers Baby and bursts out in laughter. He may not be a steelers fan though, but he just like the color combination of the clothing. I think Keona would also like it, she also likes to wear different design of clothes, as long as shes comfortable with it, its fine with me.

I believe Keona would love to wear Steelers baby apparel because they are really nice apparels and their colors are brilliant. Colors like red, orange, and yellow would especially look good on her with her fair complexion.  My little girl is a big fan of fashion and she would surely love what hubby is planning to buy for her.

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