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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Visit to Keona's Pediatric Nephrologist and Surgeon

Yesterday, we brought Keona to her pediatrician-nephrologist to have her rashes checked.  I have been self-medicating her with antihistamines for her rashes is back since she eat a lot of peanuts and chocolates.  Doctor Mike added  a medication that would heal her itchiness so she'll not scratch it often.  He also gave an ointment to apply on affected areas during the night.

The clinic of Keona's surgeon is located at the 9th floor of the medical tower building so we just check if he's around.  That visit should have been done last December but the surgeon was on vacation.  We have had several visits again but he was not around.  He is a super-duper busy pediatric surgeon.  Fortunately, he was around yesterday and I had with me the renal scan result of Keona.  He was happy with Keona's renal scan result.  It showed the physiological functions of her kidneys and everything's really good except that her left kidney functions a little faster than the right which doctor Mike said, will still improve because she's just a little child.

The visit was great because it was the first time that Keona did not cry.  We told her not to cry because the doctors will just check her rashes.  Hubby instructed her to say hi/hello and show her rashes.  She just did as instructed.  Upon seeing Doctor Mike, she said "hi" to which Doctor Mike replied "Hello" with a big smile.  She then move closer to Doctor Mike and showed her rashes on her shoulders.  She said " thank you" when Doctor Mike handed me the ointment.  All in all, it was a nice visit to the doctors:).  I just hope Keona's rashes will be gone soon.

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  1. Good luck with the rash. But the kidney news was very good to hear. Hope she is feeling better.


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