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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Heartburn or allergy?

It's been 3 days now that I feel palpitations and sometimes hard up to breath. I surmised it could be due to my ulcer. I used to have it 3 years ago and experienced heartburn but it ceases when I really eat every time I feel hungry. But lately, I fail to eat snacks in the morning even if I am hungry because it's too close for lunch. My palpitations, according to a friend could be a possible sign of hyperthyroidism or stress. Well, I'm a little stressed out this time due to a lot of reports to accomplish at work but I can manage it.

Another possible cause is allergy. I know I have allergy to chicken and egg including seafoods like shrimp, crabs and squid but I still eat them. Like yesterday, I had a breakfast of egg omelet. The other day, I eat my heart out with the yummy shrimps and squid mixed in the pancit ordered by my officemate at Shanghai Resturant. So yummy that it's very hard for me to resist.

With what I am feeling now, I'll do my very best to avoid my allergens altogether and see to it that I eat every time I am hungry. Hubby asked me if I want to see a doctor but I told him I observe first my symptoms. If this will continue in spite of having not eaten my allergens and taming my ulcer, that's the time I'll consult a doctor.
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  1. To fight stress and be able to relax, try to listen to praise and worship songs. It will not only relax you but make you attuned to inspirations from God. If your symptoms persist, you can see a doctor to find out the cause of your heart's palpitation. I will pray for your healing. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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