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Monday, March 29, 2010

Meeting my Sistah

My sistah, Jealyne

Me and my sissy Jealyne seldom see each other since she lives around 80 kilometers away. She's also busy with her work as a nurse in the province and taking care of her tot Khobe. The other day, she texted me that she'll meet up with me and I was really happy. We talked as if we have not seen each other several years. Being a nurse, I would confide to her about anything regarding my health(as if she's a doctor, hehe) and we talked about my palpitations and heartburn lately. She told me to just eat frequent small meals because what I'm feeling could be an acid reflux and gastritis just like what her hubby is suffering. I followed her suggestions and true enough, it works. Thanks my little sissy, you're my little doctor.LOLz
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