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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Join B2B now and Get a Preferred Status

Business 2 Blogger

While doing my blog hopping, I noticed that many of my friends are having this business to blogger banner on their sites. Being curious myself, I tried to visit the site and was directed to business to blogger website. It's the newest site where bloggers can earn through paid posts. Since they are just starting out, you can sign-up for them and get a preferred status for free. Isn't that awesome? Being on the preferred status enables you to get an email 3 hours ahead compared to the basic status. So what are you waiting friends? Go, join B2B now!

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  1. wow is very nice site, is my first time to visiting here, can we link x-change? tell me

  2. Hi! thanks for the visit and the comment. would luv to xlinks with u. Have a nice day:)


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