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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chickenpox Vaccination

We visited Keona's pediatrician/nephrologist yesterday to have her scheduled chickenpox immunization. We waited for quite long since we are number 6 patient in a row. As usual, my little girl was very energetic and full of enthusiasm shouting, dancing, running in the 8th floor of the medical tower building. But when she saw her doctor upon entering the clinic, she started crying out very loud even before the vaccination is being administered to her. Doctor Mike even bribed her for a lollipop candy but failed. She continued crying. Doctor Mike said that it's good that we have her immunized since many are afflicted with the disease nowadays due to the hot weather.

It's been 3 months already since we have her urine culture and we are doing it again now. Hopefully, there will be no more bacteria so my little girl can stop taking her daily low dose of antibiotic as prophylaxis since it's been already six months after her operation. She also had her CBC to check her hemoglobin so we can shift to another brand of vitamins. Have a great day friends:)

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