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Friday, April 9, 2010

No More Bacteria for the Second Time

Wohooo! Hubby and me got Keona's laboratory results yesterday. I was literally trembling when hubby got the result of the urine CS because I thought, what the information desk officer printing was the urine CS result and I saw lots of things written there. I know that when there's no bacteria in a urine culture, the result is clean, only few are written because there's no testing of antibiotics that reveals if the bacteria growth is resistant or not. To my relief, it was the CBC result that the girl was printing! Yesss! this is the second time in a row that there's no bacteria in Keona's urine CS. We'll go to her pediatrician this afternoon and he'll have the final say if we'll discontinue her prophylaxis that my little girl learn to like than her vitamins. Well, it tastes like her Nan HW milk which is a little bitter but yummy:)
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  1. Praise the Lord that the result is negative. I did not know that your darling baby was operated on recently. Was it for kidney? Poor baby, she is too young to undergo such traumatic experience as surgery. I will pray for her as I pray for your whole family. Just pray to God for strength and courage to bear all trials in life. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Well that sounds good. Now to the pediatrician.

  3. That is great news sis! Congratulations!

    I have added you to my blogroll already and followed your blog. Hope you follow me back also. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  4. By the way Sis, I followed you through my blogger dashboard. You can check my blogger profile for your blog. Thanks!

    Wala kasi akong nakita na Google Friend Connect button. Thanks!

  5. @ Mel. Yeah, I really praise God for healing my lil girl. She underwent surgical correction of he ureters due to recurrent UTI. Her infection is so frequent that we decided to have her operated or else her kidneys will be damaged. Thanks for the prayers. We really appreciate it and for the comments. Nothing lifts the spirit than a good friend like you. God bless u too.

    @ Grampy. thanks for the usual visit. it is indeed a good news. take care grampy.

    @Mommy Rubz. thanks for the visit.i have followed u as well. God bless and take care.


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