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Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally back in the blogging world

beautiful white island at Camiguin

I was detached from my blogging for one week since I had my spiritual retreat and summer escapade last week and just arrived yesterday evening. The 9-hour travel via land and sea from Camiguin island going back to Davao city really drained my energy and so I just slept and marvel how my pretty lil girl grow up so fast in the seven days that we are not together. I don't report for work today. The intermix of rain showers and sun that kept us company in our escapade at Camiguin island makes me feel like having flu. Happy start of the week friends:).
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  1. Nice to have you back. I hope you are not getting ill.

  2. oh mygosh! camiguin looks amazing and im envious of you. it's good that you had a great vacation. have a nice day


  3. would love to stroll on that lovely beach :)

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  4. I miss strolling on the beach...few months more and I can do that again.

  5. @ Grampy.Yeah, it is good to be back and I miss reading ur great blog. I'm having cough and colds but it's tolerable. not that bad. God bless u Grampy Russ and take care.

    @kcatwoman.Camiguin is really a great place. thanks for visiting my little corner in the blagosphere:)

    @ rjsmama. hope i can join that blog party. that's very interesting. i'll find time to have it. thanks for the invite and God bless u.

    @ Mamawannabe. thanks for visiting. it's great to be in the beach especially in summertime. how's your bedrest? you'll be in my prayers. hope you can have your little angel soon:). Take good care!


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