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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dethroned from my Computer Seat

Hubby and me had a good laugh last night. I was blogging while hubby and Keona were just lying on the bed watching TV. Suddenly, lil girl lost her interest in watching TV and wanted to watch her fave song in the computer. I just let her see the video with the song "Somewhere out There" hoping she'll just also lose interest in it in few minutes of singing and swaying so I can go back blogging.

She then requested me to sing with her and let the " Micky Mouse" dance while I sing. Since I still have pharyngitis, I did not sing. Keona insisted that I sing and when she was not able to force me, she let me out of my seat and dragged hubby to sing with her instead of me. Hubby and me burst out to laughter and lil girl succeeded in dethroning me from my computer seat.

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