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Monday, August 2, 2010

Urine Culture for the third Time

It's time again for Keona's quarterly monitoring through urine culture. This is the third time that she has urine culture after her operation and the first urine CS that she's not been taking antibiotic. I got the result yesterday and was very thankful to God that there was no bacteria for the third consecutive time.

We will wait again for another 3 months and we'll have urine SC again plus the renal scan which will determine the functionality of her kidneys. I hope and pray that everything will turn out okay.

We had a check-up yesterday and as usual, she's afraid to get inside the elevator. I can't use the stairs because her doctor's clinic is on the 8th floor. Currently, Keona is having cough and colds so I make her drink ambroxol (Ambrolex) for her cough and Disudrin for her colds as prescribed by her pediatrician. I'm praying also for her fast recovery because her appetite is affected although she remains enthusiastic and playful.

Have a great start of the week friends. Take good care everyone:).
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