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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Performing Healing?

Last Friday, I got a call from mom that they are bringing with them lil Keona to St. Paul Church. They are attending the mass and healing performed by Fr. Bong Osorio. When I reached home from work, Mom told me what happened in the church.

When they were attending the mass, lil girl was restless. She roamed around and chased every child she saw and she would say "hi" to them. She also kept on saying hi to the oldies people whom Mom surmised were members of lectors, church facilitators. She then had herself carried by a Spanish woman and refused to go back to her babysitter Rose who was with them.

After the mass, the healing was performed. They were in a queue of two hundred plus people and when the priest performed a healing on Mom, she was in slain. So when it was Papa's turn he gave lil girl to Rose but Keona refused. Fr. Bong got Keona and he used her hand in his healing. He held her left arms and extend it to people asking for healing and it was Keona's hands that touched the heads of the people. There were about 7 people that Keona performed a healing on. It was a great experience for Grandpa that he became teary-eyed seeing Keona in that moment. Amazing.
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