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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Therese

Last night, we went to Troy and Therese house for dinner because it's Therese' 22nd birthday. Lil girl was very happy upon seeing her cousin Mica when we arrived there. Lil Mica was able to wake up from her sleep when Keona shouted "Mica, yeheeyyy!".

I love the food they served. The indispensable pancit is deliciously cooked. The pork liempo is crispy and lots of lean meat, not fats. I love the fact that there's the condiment "pinakurat" which really made me eat a lot. It's a very good dip with the pork liempo and I miss it a lot. For those who don't know about pinakurat, it's a brand of a vinegar mixed with spices like garlic, onions, hot chili pepper. It's usually used as a dip for lechon(roasted pig), grilled meat or fish.

Keona loves the toys of Baby Mica and the two of them played a lot. They look good together playing and they really had fun since they seldom see each other.

two birthday cakes for Therese from Goldilocks

Grandma and Baby Mica

Happy weekend friends!
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1 comment:

  1. WoW! She was lucky. Two Birthday Cakes. And of course it is always nice to see the little ones playing together.
    Have a good week.


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