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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fashionable Scrub Suit

I used to wear scrub suit. I like it because it's very comfortable. Yes, I'm used to wearing fit blouses and jeans because I'm slim but when hubby showed me his medical scrubs, I told him I want one for myself. So being a beloved wife, he went to a scrub store and bought one for me.
Wonder why hubby wears scrub suit when he is an engineer? This is a confession. Hubby is a graduate of Bachelor of Nursing. He used to study nursing during the night and on weekends while working as an engineer during the day. He graduated nursing but did not pursue his career shift due to nursing slowdown nowadays. He also realizes it's never easy being a nurse especially rendering duty in graveyard shift. When he was still a nursing student, he would have his duty in the delivery room, operating room, ward and other departments so he had many nursing uniform scrub for him to just easily change anytime he wants if his scrub becomes dirty.

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