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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shifting to a New Milk

I have recently shifted Keona's milk to something that is cheaper compared to her previous milk but the quality is still good. According to her pediatrician, she can have any milk as long as she's not having an allergy on it because milk is just a supplement anyways. Her main food is rice and viand now that she's bigger.

So when I shifted to the new brand, I kept on monitoring her poop. If she's not constipated or if it's not too wet because that's one of our problems when she was still an infant. We kept on switching from one brand to another until we settled to the one which did not make her constipated. She's very sensitive so I'm watching out.

Another reason why I shifted is austerity. I want to save something for Keona's future. In this times of frequent rising of commodity prices, not to mention skyrocketing price of education, I need to prepare for her future. Happy midweek friends!

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