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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pediatrician Visit due to Rashes

We visited doc Mike yesterday because Keona has rashes. It's been about 2 weeks already that she has it and I have been putting self medication on it. I have observed it does not improve and instead spread on her body so before we'll gonna go back to work, we decided to have her checked by her pediatrician.

My instinct were indeed true. She is indeed a food allergy like me. So Doc Mike prohibited her from eating chicken, egg, chocolate, shrimp, crab,and all kinds of nuts. We eat a lot of this especially during the Christmas season. We have a stock of chocolates also as well as peanuts and now I'm keeping all of them so she'll not eat them.

Doctor Mike prescribed antihistamine medicines- allerkid, one times a day before bedtime-2.5 ml. and iterax 3x/day 2.5 ml.

After the check up and shedding so many tears (she cries a lot every time we go to Doc Mike's clinic), we brought her to children's play area in the mall. There were very few people so we like it very much. Not much crowd and we can just hop from one ride to another anytime we want.
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  1. oh no .. the foods are yummy pa naman .. anyway my daughter loves to visit this place also in the mall. Good luck i hope she overcome the allergy!

  2. hi
    Its sad to know that Keona has rashes...My grand daughter had it too. Take some vasline or petroleum jelly in your hand & mix one drop Tea Tree Oil in it & apply it over rashes...It'll definitely cure it very quickly

  3. I am sorry Keona is not feeling well. Hopefully she will be better fast.

  4. pity baby..but same here, i, personally is having an allergy to those mentioned foods.. :D

    by the way, i have checked ur profile and was glad to know ur from davao too..heheh..coz am from Davao. :D but am now here in Cebu, for studies.

    anyway, mind for exlinks? kindly save my links in your blog lists, ping me so i would know if you're ok with it and so i can save your link in my three blogs...thankie!

    Im..but GAGAY.
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