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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Filing a Vacation Leave

No, I'm not going for a vacation but it's Mom and Dad who will and I cannot just entrust Keona all alone to the babysitter so I'll be out at work for one week to take care of her. I already filed a vacation leave and thanks to my ever good boss, he approved it without any question:).

I love to be at home but sometimes I also get bored doing nothing so I'm gonna watch movies next week and have to stock a lot of foods because eating is my great passion when I'm at home lazing around, just playing and watching Keona playing around the house.


  1. Have a good time with Keona. I will be over. Food and movies is what I do best.LOL

  2. Hi Russ, yes, i'll be having a good time with Keona, relaxing and playing and eating:). Have a great day Russ. Thanks for dropping by:)


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