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Sunday, March 20, 2011

How's my Child's Development?

Today I try to visit my account on babycenter to know how my little girl is growing.  I registered an account on babycenter when I was only few weeks pregnant to keep track of my baby's development inside my womb.

What the babycenter tells about my baby's development at her age now is indeed true.  Here it is...

"Your child is more in control of her movements. Now she can play with small objects easily and stack (not just knock over) towers of blocks. She can also concentrate for slightly longer periods of time, as much as 20 minutes if she's deeply engaged. Sometimes she'll become so absorbed in playing that she'll resent your interruption. You can make transitions easier by warning her in advance, as in, "You can play with the blocks for five more minutes, but then it's dinnertime." If you have a flexible schedule, you may want to give her a few warnings before you insist that she finish up her play."

Have a great start of the week friends:)
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  1. Well Sam it sounds like you have everything under control over there. It is great following her progress. Such a beautiful child.


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