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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Watching Keona's Videos on TV

It's really nice to experience your child's development as she grows from being the cute cuddly baby to this full of energy big girl. Keona is growing and with the technology today, if you have a video cam or digicam recording these precious moments is just a click away. Most of my files are in my laptop, photos and videos all together.

Sometimes we would watch Keona's video on my laptop, but hubby is just not satisfied by watching it on my laptop, he wants to watch in on our big TV. Luckily my laptop can be connected to our TV via a DVI cable. I leave it to hubby to set things up. Listening to him in explaining about connecting this cable to a HDMI TV cables and using VGA cable to this and that makes my head about to explode. So I usually insist he do it himself:). When he's all done, watching the videos through our TV is much better than on my laptop.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi. This is my first comment and first visit on your blog.
    Keona is soooo cute.
    I have a 2years old daughter and i msut say that she is so hi tech baby and full of energy too.


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