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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Feel Down

My title describes what I'm feeling right now. I'm really down emotionally. Keona has had cough several days now. In fact many days already. It started even before Christmas. We had her checked and her pedia advised us to let her take bricanyl for her cough and disudrin for her colds. But both colds and cough never cease.

During our visit to her pedia, I told Dr. Mike that she might have primary complex tuberculosis because her cough is almost every other month and every time she has cough, she always takes antibiotic. This time, her pedia said that if she'll have still fever in the New Year, we would go to his clinic but Keona's fever is gone.

Our concern is her cough and it's getting severe in spite the medicine she's taking so we decided to have her undergo an X-ray. I got the X-ray result today and that what makes me feel down. Her X-ray result reveals an inflammatory lung disease compatible of a Pneumonia. Aside from that, the X-ray revealed she has scoliosis. I'm more concerned of the scoliosis because I know the inflammation in her lungs will be cured through antibiotics. Hopefully her scoliosis is not severe and it is just in relation to having her cough. Tomorrow we'll have to visit her doctor and let him know Keona's X-ray result. Hopefully, Keona's health will just be all right.

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