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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Time to Relax During Chinese New Year

I am glad we had no work today because of the Chinese New Year. Last week, I have been very busy, at work and at home etc.

It's my first time to send someone a package to another country, actually it's my close friend's Liz birthday so I had to send her a gift I personally made for her. I got to a delivery station and was a bit confuse about their Shipping Options, I'm just glad their staff is helpful enough to guide me to the process.

Lately me and hubby are thinking of getting a car since Keona will be going to school this June. We are still weighing our option for a Car Transport or a public transport. I know we can save a lot on public transport compared to owning a car, but having a car has its benefit too, especially during the busy hours it's hard to get a ride and with a car we can go fetch Keona and his nanny earlier.

Keona last week was also having a cough so we are constantly monitoring her condition even at work to see that she gets her medication on time.

Having no work today was a breather, and with Keona's cough gone, it was a great day for relaxing.

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