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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Buying a Dress for our Little Princess

Our daughter Keona will turn one soon. In preparation for this, me and happy went to NCCC Mall yesterday during lunch break from work to buy her a dress. Selecting a dress for our princess was really kinda tiresome. From the many dresses displayed, we get confused on which one to choose. After few minutes of scanning through the wide array of their display, hubby showed me a cutie yellow dress and the print in front of it is Dora the Explorer which is my daughter's favorite. It was really nice that I right away said YES to hubby. The color is yellow which I believe would make our daughter look glowing and pretty. Then I have seen small blingblings for babies displayed in another rack. Me and hubby choose to buy her a bangle and hair clip also colored yellow for color harmony of her dress. Next time we'll buy a shoes for her, either colored yellow or white...

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