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Friday, October 2, 2009

What an indescribable feeling!

Keona's surgery was scheduled at ten o'clock in the morning. So i was the one carrying her towards the operating room. She was really crying so hard upon seeing those people clad in scrub suits wearing face masks. So I had to figure out how to make her stop crying! Then there were student nurses who kept on entertaining her, and she finally stopped crying. I was asked where is her VCUG plates and told the anesthesiologist that it's in our house. He told me that the surgeon needs it so I requested one student nurse to tell my husband to get it home.

The VCUG films finally arrived at around 12:00 noon and the team of doctors were complete at 12:15. The anesthesiologist instructed his assistant to put some medications through intravenous and asked me to place my baby on the operating table. I was really anxious and the feeling is indescribable. Then the doctor said " Ma'am you can go out now". Upon hearing it, I right away looked at the wall clock. It's 12:30PM, start of Keona's operation. Then I walked, took off the scrub suit that i wore and get out of the operating room. At that point, I can't help myself but tears really fall on my face in spite of really trying to keep myself strong. Then I see hubby at the entrance of the OR. When he saw me, he asked "How is Keona?". "Her operation has just started", I replied. Then we went straight to our room at the fifth floor.

We right away take our lunch and just stayed put in our room so that if there were things needed, we can right away attend to it. Few hours after, a voice promt from the nurse station echoed in our room "A doctor's call for Keona's watcher, please go to the nurse's station". Upon hearing it, I was literally quivering in tension and nervousness, my mind asking what must the doctor needed from us in this time when the operation is on going. I rushed to the nurse's station and the nurse handed me the phone. "This is Dr. Bermejo, are the VCUG plates already in the operating room?''. "Yes doc", I said. "Ok, thank you. Then the line went dead. I was relieved that the resident doctor was just making a follow-up regarding the VCUG plates. I went back to our room and told hubby that Dr. Bermejo was just asking Keona's plates.

We tried to relax in the room, scanned through the different channels on cable TV. Then at around 3:30, there was another voice prompt from the nurse station. "Watcher for Keona, Dr. Manalaysay is on the phone, please go to the nurse's station".When I was approaching at the nurse station, the nurse who was holding the phone, covered the speaker and asked me in a low voice "Ma'am, your patient is a girl right?". Yes, she just looked like a boy because she has short hair and she doesn't have an earrings, I replied. Then she said, Dr. Manalaysay (Keona's Nephrologist) is on the line Ma'am. Just talk to him. When I talked to Dr. Manalaysay, he told me that he just wanted to ask permission from us, since our baby is already in the operating room, they might as well just circumcise our baby. To my surprise, I told him "Doc, our baby is a girl! There's nothing to circumcise!". " Oh, sorry, I just wanted to inform you also that the operation went well. I took some photos of it, I'll go to your room later, in a few minutes". To which I replied, " Thank you". I now understand why the nurse asked my baby's gender and as if there's a question in her face while handling to me the phone.LOL

After around 5 minutes, Dr. Manalaysay went to our room, smiling at us. He showed us photos of the operation, explained to us that it was good that we decided to have surgical correction because Keona will never outgrow her reflux because of the placement of her ureters. He said that the operation went well, we just hope that the recovery will be good also.

At around 5:00PM, a nurse went to our room and told us that the operation was already finished and 1 watcher is needed in the recovery room. I right away went to the recovery room and there, I saw Keona lying, groogy, opening her eyes every now and then and would cry a little saying "Momma". Attached to her are machines i don't know. All I know is that they are there to monitor her vital signs. After 1 hour in the recovery room. The personnel In charge there said that her vital signs are already stable and she would be transferred already to our room.
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