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Friday, October 23, 2009

Establishing a sleep routine

Keona has been very active this time. She wants to keep walking while holding my hands. She does not know how to walk yet on her own. And she also wants to play most of the time. She has lots of energy and this gives me problem in putting her to sleep during the night. So I'm establishing a sleep routine for her.

  • Give her a bath. To freshen her up, we give her a bath.
  • Prepare beforehand. Before sleep time, I make sure that she's able to take her daily low dose of antibiotic. She still have two months of it after her surgical operation. Then I turn off the lights and make sure that the room is comfortably cool.
  • Baby massage. I give her a massage before sleeping. It is said that a mother's touch helps baby become stronger and touch therapy is a powerful way for moms to continue their child grow and develop.
  • Keep quiet time quiet. Whether I'm breastfeeding her or singing her lullaby, I make sure that I keep my voice low and soothing as she drift off into slumber.
  • Enjoy my baby. Routines are great opportunities for me to enjoy more happy moments with my baby.

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  1. What a great post.And what a lucky child.She has such a wonderful and caring mom.You are doing every thing right.Have a sparkling weekend.


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