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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Do you believe in the communion of saints?

Do you believe that our dear departed loved ones also pray for us?

Why do we have to visit to the tombs of our dead loved ones, light a candle, offer flowers and prayers?

During All Souls Day, the priest in our town in the province would hold a mass in the chapel near the cemetery. There, a lot of people who would visit their departed loved ones would join in an early morning mass.

It's his sermon that I can't forget. It gives me an understanding of that portion of "The Apostle's creed Prayer" which says ""I believe. . . the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints". According to him, there is a spiritual union on all Christians living and dead, on earth, those in heaven, and in Catholic belief, those in purgatory. We, who are still living on earth are called the pilgrim church. Those who are in the purgatory are called the suffering church, needing our fervent prayers. And those already in heaven, the thriumphant church.

In Catholic terminology, the Communion of Saints is thus said to comprise the Church Militant (those alive on earth), the Church Penitent (those undergoing purification in Purgatory in preparation for heaven), and the Church Triumphant (those already in heaven).

I now understand why we offer prayers for our departed during Holy Eucharist in the catholic church.

This All souls Day, I can't go home to the province. I need to take care of baby Keona. So, I'll just offer prayers at home. Happy Holidays everyone!

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