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Saturday, October 24, 2009

HPS#2 Walking most of the time

Sunday is the only day that we can devote our time to our little girl Keona. So I really make it a point to bond with her during this day. Early in the morning, even if I would have wanted to extend time in the bed, I heard her say "Pappa, Momma, baba". She's already awake and she wants to go down! When she says "baba", that means she want to go down to the floor and walk while holding my hands.

She's can't balance yet and can't stand on her own and this is her way of learning. We spend most of the time walking around the house on a lovely Sunday. Ifever I'm really tired, I would play her nursery rhymes CD because this will make her get glued on TV and it gives me time to rest. Have a great Sunday friends!
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