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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Way of Learning the Alphabet

Keona has started already learning to identify the letters in the alphabet. Grandma acted as her tutor and she can now identify the vowel letters. She could not identify yet the consonants since there are many. Now that she gets older, she become really fond of playing and she seems to get bored already with her flash cards.

Yesterday, my office mate introduced me a site which she used during the time when she was a tutor to preschool pupils. I look at the website and it's really nice. It's and it's very fitted for Keona.

When I reached home, after doing my online tasks, I let her look at the website and she was really glued on it. She follows the sounds and pronunciations and her interest is being kept because it's an audio-visual presentation. I hope Keona will learn the alphabet soon trough this website.
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  1. Yes that is the hardest thing about teaching the little ones. Keeping their attention. Sounds like you found a good place for Keona to play and learn at the same time.


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