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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teaching Keona how to Save

As early as now, we are already teaching Keona how to save. It is said that the best thing to teach a child is when she is still young because their minds are blank tablets. They are easy to teach and whatever you teach them will be inculcated in their minds right away.

Being an only child and first grandchild in my hubby's side, she has the tendency to become spoiled specially with grandpa. Grandpa gives her whatever she wants but I balance it with teaching her the right values as early as now. I would tell her that she can't have everything she wants because I don't want her to grow up bratty.

Going back to savings, Keona loves to put on coins on her piggy bank. She would ask grannies for coins or sometimes from me and hubby. Mom told us to deposit her money from her piggy bank to the bank because there's a kiddie savings account in Metrobank where grandma used to work. We opened her piggy bank and grandma said she'll just add whatever Keona had saved so that it will reach to 500 pesos, the minimum amount required for the kiddie savings.
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