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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hubby's new shoes

Last Friday, hubby returned home looking tired and somewhat problematic. You know, as a wife I have a way of knowing if hubby doesn't feel good or if there's something that's bothering him. So I asked him, " how was your day at work?". 'It's OK,"he answered then go on and smiled telling me "I'm really unfortunate today". So I queried why? He then showed me his pants in which the lower portion has this smelly wet mud and his shoe foot bed was broken.

He was in a queue waiting for his turn to withdraw cash at an automatic teller machine along Bolton Street. The place is dark at 7 in the evening. When he was about to get inside the booth, he accidentally fall into an open manhole. His right leg was soak in that smelly wet mud inside the manhole. He really pitied himself for what happened to him on that day. So I consoled him and assured him it's OK. We'll just buy a new shoes:). The following day, we went to SM Mall and bought a new pair of his office shoes.

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  1. You are a good wife. My wife always knows when something is wrong, too. And our local SM Mall is my favorite place to shop.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a terrible thing to happen sa kanya. I hope the new shoes cheered him up :)

  3. Hi Jade. it was indeed an unfortunate day for him. But the new shoes was enough to console him. I just told him to forget about the incident and focus on the many blessings he has instead:). Thanks for the comment Jade. I really appreciate it. Hope you'll get preggy soon:)


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