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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two afternoon snacks and a yummy soup for supper

We usually have snacks at work at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The "errand girl" did not go to me, get my money and ask what I want for the snacks at quarter to three which makes me wonder why. It's in my body clock to really have an afternoon snack between 3-4 in the afternoon. Suddenly, one of the tres marias at the technical section called me up telling me to go to their office for snacks. The director from other department is treating us a pancit from Shanghai Restaurant for it was his birthday last Sunday. Yay, freebies are always a delight.hehehe.

Pancit from Shanghai Restaurant

Few minutes before going home, I got a call from Mom telling me to go straight to Victoria Plaza. They brought with them my little Keona and she told me to just meet them at Greenwich Pizza. When I arrived there, my little girl flashed her big smile and shouted "Mama"! She ate a lot of pizza and french fries. I like it when my girl eats plenty because she's a little underweight before, maybe because of frequent fever she had before her operation. But recently, she has an average weight and height for a Filipino child in her age. Few minutes after being settled on my seat, Keona's yaya arrived with a plate of pizza and french fries too and Mom told me it was mine. Oh I forget to tell her that I am full when she called me up. But I cannot resist the delicious pizza in front of me:), with toppings of bologna, mozzarella cheese and pineapple chunks. The french fries is also delicious, it is coated with cheese powder, it' the first time I got to taste it. I usually have french fries either from Jollibee or McDonald's. We went home after I finished my food.

When we reached home, it was already time for Keona to take her antibiotic. And the table is ready for supper. Whoow! I was still very full. After minutes of playing with Keona in the room, we finally have our dinner... a yummy pork ribs soup. The taste is perfect! I have eaten three times in a row with only 1-2 hours gap in between. Anyways, I'm a breastfeeding Mom so I'm not the only one consuming all the foods I eat, and besides my weight is within the ideal range for my height. I just have to watch out for the cholesterol-laden foods that I eat because I used to have above normal cholesterol level on one of my laboratory test results.
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