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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lil Keona Likes Yaya than Papa

On Sunday, we stayed home the whole day. I cleaned the room while hubby takes care of Keona. In the afternoon, after lunch, the househelps went to downtown area to buy something for themselves. They were set to return at 5 in the afternoon. I was arranging the crisply pressed clothes in our closet when I heard a loud laugh at the living room. I checked on them and they all burst to laughter when Keona snubbed her Papa when the yaya arrived. She prefers her yaya than her Papa. I knew why. Papa kept on watching basketball on TV when Keona wanted to walk and play.
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  1. Oh, the little ones do like the ones that give them the attention. I know my wife spoils our little two year old niece, and when she cries the one that quiets her is my wife, Tita Didi. Poor Papa! But a guy has to watch his sports!

  2. Hi David. Yep, my little girl really loves to get attention from the people around her. I think that's what toddlers really do:)


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