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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not so restful night!

I felt dizzy yesterday and I believe I needed a rest so after dinner, I bath Keona so we'll be off to bed earlier last night. When me and hubby was about to bring Keona to the bathroom, the lights shut off. There was a black out! Keona shouted so hard for she was afraid of total darkness. Good thing the emergency light was fully charged so we just used it. The electricity was back after around 30 minutes. When we were already in bed and I was already asleep for about 2 hours I noticed the unusual warm-ness in the room and I was awaken by hubby's dashing of the fan. Oh, there was a power outage again! Few minutes after, the lights were back and we went back to sleep.

At around 1:00 o'clock in the morning, I was awaken by Keona's uneasiness and she seemed irritated then I found out that there's power outage again for the third time! Hubby was already in deep sleep but I had a hard time fanning ourselves for I was breastfeeding Keona, so I wake him up. Keona feeling really sleepy at this time, was able to sleep but I was wide awake even if lights were already back at 1:45 in the morning. I can't sleep with those hunger pangs in me. I didn't have an appetite to eat but I was very hungry and I can't sleep. So I grabbed cup noodles in the cupboard and that 's the only time I was able to get back and sleep.
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  1. Masanay na kayo sa rotating brownouts dahil balita na malaki ang shortage nang electric reserve nang Mindanao. Tapos nandito pa ang El Nino. Balita sa dyaryo na maaaring mabalik ang rotating two hour brownouts araw araw hanggang sa mag tagulan ulit. Baka senyales ito nang magiging administrasyon ni Noynoy kung siya ang mananalo. Malinis at hindi nangurakot si Cory pero yung kamaganak incorporated at yung nakapaligid kay Cory nuon ay naging talamak ang pangungurakot. Yung mismong gabinete ni Cory nuon na si Aboitiz eh siya pa ang pinakamalaking importer nang electric generators nuon. Well, naibalik ni Cory ang demokrasya at iyon ang pinakamalaki niyang naging achievement. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Oo nga Sir Mel. We really need to be frugal with our consumption of energy. I'll definitely not vote for Noynoy. I see him as a weakling, hiding behind the skirt of his Mom and the shadow of his Dad. I'm looking for a presidentiable who has real and good plans for the peace & order here in Mindanao. Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate it:).God bless you too and take care:)

  3. hi Sam!:)

    thanks so much for the pledges you gave to my contest. i appreciate your being a sponsor. :)

    btw, your baby's name is KEONA? cool. i have nephew and his name is KEONI. :)

  4. Hi Bambie! you're welcome.Yeah, my baby's name is Keona:)


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