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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Perfect Gift for Baby Michaela's Baptism

Last weekend, we got an invitation from Troy. It's Michaela's baptism this coming 21st of February, 2010. Michaela, my niece, is the adorable daughter of proud parents, Troy and Therese, whose wedding we attended just recently. The baptismal ceremony will be held at Sta. Ana Shrine Parish at Sta. Ana Avenue, the church where me and hubby had our wedding two years ago. There will be a dinner which will be held in the house of Troy and Therese after the baptismal ceremony.

So, last Saturday, when me and hubby was buying Keona's milk and hubby's shoes, we also look for baptism gift that we could give to baby Michaela. We went to the toys area and all we can get are rattles and puzzles and some of them are not even age-appropriate for baby Michaela. We also went to the baby's clothes department but we have a difficulty deciding on what to buy. We want to give Michaela a unique baby gift that's also meaningful because baptism comes only once in a lifetime, right? And besides, Michaela is very dear and special to us. Baby Michaela has many toys already and has an abundant array of beautiful baby clothes since she is the only granddaughter on her mother's side. Attention is focused on her. We went home without being able to buy a gift for Michaela. We just agreed to buy it this week since we still have days left before the scheduled baptismal Christening.

When we reached home, I tried to search on the net and I found a great site for baby gifts. They have a lot of gifts to choose from and these items are beautifully handcrafted. They have decorative wall crosses that are really fit and appropriate for a gift during baptismal Christening. It's just perfect for baby Michaela. To our dear Mika, welcome to the Christian world soon. Uncle Raynan, little Keona and me are looking forward to your baptism.
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