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Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to the love month

It's the first day of February. Have u made any plans for the Valentine celebration friends? For sure, me and hubby will celebrate Valentine's day in advance. Why? We had a not so good experience in celebrating it before. Usually, we celebrate it with a dinner in restaurants we seldom go. But during Valentines Day, most restaurants are full and crowded. One time, we went to a beautiful restaurant overlooking the city. We really love this place because aside from the delicious foods that they serve in just a reasonable price, the ambiance is really cool. It's located atop a hill, in the middle of mini-forest. In there, you can see the beautiful silhouette of lights in the downtown area of the city. But when we were there, it was full of people. We waited but we noticed that those people who arrived later than us gets tables first. We complained to the manager but he just can't get us vacant table and be served. I was really upset at that time. I was already very hungry and I have really no tolerance for hunger. If I'm hungry, I really eat or else I'll have an aching head. So we decided to get out in there or else we'll starve to death. We end up eating in a restaurant where many youngsters hang out which I didn't like because it's very noisy and there's a lot of smoke. What we thought to be a romantic dinner turned out to be a real disaster. Since then, we celebrate Valentine's day in advance.
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  1. Valentine's Day was always so crowded in the States, but this will be the first Valentine's Day in the Philippines that my wife and I get to spend as a married couple. A local hotel has a nice Valentine's Day Dinner and a live band that I'm making reservations for. But I'm like you, if I'm hungry, I'm hungry! I don't want to wait.

  2. That's nice David. It's always good to make reservations to avoid hassles during that day. Wow, a good dinner and a live band is something to look forward to:)


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