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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A weekend date with hubby

Me and hubby usually has a date during Saturdays. It's the only day that we can have an exclusive time for each other, just the two of us. We usually spend Saturday afternoons having dinner or visiting to parks, just to relax from the busy weekdays that we have. Last Saturday, we dined at Times Square and ate kinilaw and kilawin (hubby's favorite which becomes my fave too). Kinilaw is like sushi, a fish mixed with cucumber, radish, vinegar and spicy siling labuyo. Kilawin is made from goat meat which is really delicious. We had a great time last weekend:).
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  1. That's a great idea to have that Saturday date. I have so much time now that my wife and I are now retired, but your Saturday date idea is something we still can do.

  2. Hi Badet. Kinilaw is simply delicious:)

    @ David. Yeah, dates are really important for couples to keep the fire burning:). God bless to you and your SPW:). I appreciate your comments.


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