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Monday, January 18, 2010

A new sandals for Keona

Lil Keona got a new sandal from Granny. My mom is very excited for her that she bought a magenta sandal for our little girl for Troy's wedding. Keona is very excited that she wore it last night walking around from the kitchen to the living room showing it to her grandma. We had a hard time getting off the shoes on her feet because she wants it on even if it's already time for her to sleep. Oh well, excited indeed.LOL
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  1. Hi Ladies shoes! Thnx for the compliments:) It's really beautiful and my daughter loves it:. Take care and thnx for the visit.

  2. Very lovely sandals. I like it and my 1 yr old daughter would surely like it too.

  3. Hello 'walk with me". Yeah, our little girls luv shoes just like their moms! Who would have thought that girls as young as them would have that fashion sense? Interesting and fun:)


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