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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lil Keona loves mangosteen

We are feeding Keona different kinds of fruits like banana, papaya and any fruit that's in season. Lately, I was able to buy mangosteen and let her try to taste it. Wow, she loves it! She would clap her hands and flash her big smile then stretch her hands to ask for more even if her mouth is still full:). I'm very happy that she likes it because she's already fed up with eating papaya. We used to feed her papaya a lot due to her poop problems. Papaya was really effective when she was having chronic constipation aside from the prune juice that we gave her. It's a delight also to note that mangosteen price here in our place are going down this time. From it's usual 80-180 pesos per kilo,which for me is too pricey, it dropped to just 40 pesos.
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