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Monday, January 18, 2010

Nice kitchenware and flatware

My mom loves to cook. I can say that she's really a pro in the kitchen. From delicious viands to yummy desserts, name it, she can cook it:). I especially like her chocolate rebel bars, food for the gods, pineapple bars and fruit cake. She spends countless hours in the kitchen especially when there are special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and feasts. She also loves to learn new menus and recipes and whenever she has time, she would surf the net and check on what's featured on Yahoo! food.

Since Troy's wedding is fast approaching, and a lot of relatives are coming to the house, that means a lot of cooking for her. Mom wants to have a new set of flatware and she likes the stainless steel flatware she found on the net. Oh, did I mention that she's also very particular with neatness, cleanliness and beauty? She wants everything spic and span and really likes beautiful utensils! She told me that she needs to add the kitchenware, aside from what she already has, and the dinnerware for her growing family. Yeah, we are literally expanding and becoming many in the family. Therese, Troy's wife and Michaella, their little princess are the newest addition. Looking forward to meeting our relatives and I'm already excited for Troy's wedding.
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  1. I sure miss my Mom's cooking, God bless her. Aren't Moms the best cooks? I can tell you really appreciate your Mom, nice post about her.

  2. Thanks for visiting here David! Most Moms are really great cooks. Maybe because they sprinkle it with care and much love:)


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